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• Excerpts from “Lighting the Global Lantern: A Teacher's Guide to Writing Haiku and Related Literary Forms” by Terry Ann Carter, Wintergreen Studios Press, 2011

• “How To Haiku” edited by Vicki McCullough — a trifold brochure developed as a resource for the BC and Territories (Pacifi-kana) region


The French version of Haïku entrecroisés / Crossword Haiku was born in the last months of 2017. A booklet of 17 French grids, Haïku entrecroisés, was published in May 2018. The equivalent English grids came to life in the beginning of 2018.

• Crossword haiku guidelines

• Crossword haiku grid #003


• Crossword haiku grid #002

• Completed grid #002

• Crossword haiku grid #001

• Completed grid #001