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The Betty Drevniok Award

Haiku Canada established this annual competition in memory of Betty Drevniok, past president of the society. With the exception of members of the executive of Haiku Canada, the contest is open to everyone, including regional coordinators of Haiku Canada.

N.B. : Nous n’avons pas traduit en français les règles du Betty Drevniok Award. Les haïkus acceptés pour ce concours doivent être écrits uniquement en anglais.

The 2024 Annual Betty Drevniok Award
There is no entry fee. Call opens December 15, 2023.

1. The contest is international and open to the public.
2. Haiku must be in English, and not previously published. Publication is defined as an appearance in any printed or electronic book, magazine, or journal (sold or given away) or publicly visible on any website or electronic social media (including but not limited to blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc). If it is discovered that a poem has been published before, it will be disqualified, even after the results have been announced.
3. Haiku must be authored by the poet submitting and not currently submitted elsewhere either for publication or to any other contest.
4. Members of the Haiku Canada executive are not eligible, but regional coordinators may enter.

Submission Procedure
1. Go to • the google form
2. Fill in the your contact information and your name and location as you would want it to appear.
3. Write your haiku, one per field. Maximum 3.
4. Please do not number your haiku and do not use coloured fonts.
5. Do it before the deadline: February 28, 2024.

1. Results will be announced at Haiku Canada Weekend in May 2024, and will be posted on the Haiku Canada website by July 1.
2. The finalist poems will be presented on a broadsheet at Haiku Canada Weekend, with the finalists receiving paper copies.
3. Rights to the poems revert to the poet after the contest results have been announced.
4. Haiku Canada reserves the right to republish selected haiku in print, on the Haiku Canada website, and on other Haiku Canada social media at any time.

If you do not have access to email, snail mail your submission to the contest coordinator:
Pearl Pirie
175 Chemin du Domaine
Alcove, QC J0X 1A0
Submissions to be in hand by the deadline.

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