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Haiku Canada Week 2021 will be held this year from May 17 to May 23 on Zoom.

The theme for Haiku Canada Week 2021 is Bringing Us Together.

Here is the schedule and registration info.

Please note:
All sessions except workshops will be recorded, and accessible to haiku Canada Members.
Only those registered for the workshops will have access to the recordings.

The 2021 Annual Betty Drevniok Award - Submissions closed
Prix André Duhaime - Submissions closed
2021 Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology - Submissions closed
Le Prix Jocelyne Villeneuve 2021 - Submissions closed

Winona Baker (1924 – 2020)

We are saddened to report that pioneering Canadian haiku poet Winona Baker died on 23 October 2020. She was 96 years old.
The PDF from this link WinonaBakerEssay is an essay on Winona Baker written by Terry Ann Carter, from her book Moonflowers: Pioneering Women Haiku Poets in Canada, Catkin Press, 2020. The essay is reprinted courtesy of Terry Ann and Catkin Press.

Haiku from the 30th Anniversary Members Anthology "Blossoming" Haiku Canada 2007

on the seashore
a hundred-year-old couple
seated in eternity

~Janick Belleau~

onto cedar bough
cherry blossom settles
so soundlessly

~Guy Simser~

between each wave
my children

~Marco Fraticelli~

japanese garden
we wait for the moon
to light the stone lantern

~Ann Goldring~

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