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The Haiku Canada Review contains haiku, letters, articles and book reviews, as well as information on events, contests and other societies. Submissions for the newsletter are open to members and non-members. Announcements and information on activities and publications are welcome. The two yearly issues of the Haiku Canada Review appear in October and February.
The in-hand deadline for the October issue is August 31. For the February issue, the in-hand deadline is December 31.

All work submitted to Haiku Canada Review must be author¹s original work. Responsibility for ownership and originality lies with the contributor. Submission constitutes permission to publish. Work accepted may also be used on the Haiku Canada web site or on social media such as Twitter or Facebook and submission to Haiku Canada Review is taken as acceptance of this condition. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of other members or membership as a whole.

If submitting by postal mail, include return envelope with Canadian postage or International Postal Coupons (available at the post office). Exchanges are welcome.

Submissions, in English, should be sent to Mike Montreuil at the postal address: Publications Editor, 1409 Bortolotti Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario, K1B 5C1, Canada, or the e-mail address

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2020 Haiku Canada Members' Anthology

Members of Haiku Canada are invited to participate in the 2020 Members’ Anthology
Each member can submit up to five (5) haiku. Of these, one (1) haiku will be selected for the anthology.
The submission period is from December 1, 2019 until Jan 31, 2020.
This year’s anthology is being edited by Huguette Ducharme and Mike Montreuil.
Send your submissions, in the body of the email, to hcanthology2020@haikucanada.org
Submissions by Post are to be sent to:
Mike Montreuil
1409 Bortolotti Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario

L'anthologie 2020 des membres de Haïku Canada

Les membres de Haïku Canada sont invités à participer à l’anthologie des membres 2020.
Chaque membre peut soumettre jusqu’à cinq (5) haïkus. Parmi ces haïku, un sera choisi.
La période de soumission sera du 1 décembre 2019 au 31 janvier 2020.
Les directeurs de cette édition de l’anthologie sont Huguette Ducharme et Mike Montreuil.
Envoyez vos soumissions, dans le courriel même, à hcanthology2020@haikucanada.org

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Haiku Canada Sheets are an excellent way to share haiku. Each sheet contains approximately 10 haiku, a short biographical note and a photograph. Submissions for Haiku Canada Sheets are open to members only or by invitation. Previously published work will be considered.
Direct all work for publication consideration to Mike Montreuil, Publications Editor, 1409 Bortolotti Crescent, Ottawa, Ontario, K1B 5C1, Canada.

Haiku from the 30th Anniversary Members Anthology "Blossoming" Haiku Canada 2007

on the seashore
a hundred-year-old couple
seated in eternity

~Janick Belleau~

onto cedar bough
cherry blossom settles
so soundlessly

~Guy Simser~

between each wave
my children

~Marco Fraticelli~

japanese garden
we wait for the moon
to light the stone lantern

~Ann Goldring~

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