Welcome to Haiku Canada

Haiku Canada is a society of haiku poets and enthusiasts dedicated to:
- promoting the creation and appreciation of haiku and related forms (tanka, renga, senryu, sequences, haibun, and visual haiku) among its members and the public at large
- fostering association, friendship, communication and mutual support among haiku poets in Canada and abroad

Haiku Canada was founded in 1977 by Dr. Eric Amann, Betty Drevniok and George Swede. First called the Haiku Society of Canada, it was renamed Haiku Canada in 1985. Since the founding, members have shared information on haiku, haiku events, organizations, markets and publications.

Certain functions and traditions have evolved during the terms of previous presidents: Eric Amann (1977-79), Betty Drevniok (1979-1982), Sandra Fuhringer (1982-1985), Dorothy Howard and André Duhaime(1985-1988), Dorothy Howard (1988-1990), Marshall Hryciuk (1990-1997), Nick Avis (1998-2004), and DeVar Dahl (2005-2012). Terry Ann Carter is the current president.

Meetings, readings, annual spring weekends and various publications have provided members with stimulation and opportunities to learn and to share their work.


Karen Sohne, Marshall Hryciuk, Terry Ann Carter at Haiku Canada Weekend, 2012, Toronto

Haiku from the 30th Anniversary Members Anthology "Blossoming" Haiku Canada 2007

on the seashore
a hundred-year-old couple
seated in eternity

~Janick Belleau~

onto cedar bough
cherry blossom settles
so soundlessly

~Guy Simser~

between each wave
my children

~Marco Fraticelli~

japanese garden
we wait for the moon
to light the stone lantern

~Ann Goldring~

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