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The Marianne Bluger Book and Chapbook Awards

Haiku Canada established this competition in memory of Marianne Bluger, past member of the society.

Marianne Bluger Book and Chapbook Awards Results 2020


1st Place Winners
Marco Fraticelli, A Thousand Years: The Haiku and Love Letters of Chiyo-ni (catkin, 2018)
Connie R. Meester and Valorie Broadhurst Woerderhoff, Tsugigami: gathering the pieces (Red Moon Press, 2018)

Honourable Mentions
Chuck Brickley, earthshine (Snapshot Press, 2018)
Marjorie Bruhmuller, Back Porch Haiku (Éditions des petits nuages, 2019)
LeRoy Gorman, goodwill galaxy hunting (Urban Farmhouse Press, 2019
Hans Jongman, Shift Change (Catkin Press, 2017)


1st Place Winner
Marianne Paul, Body Weight: A Collection of Haiku and Art (Human/Kind Press, 2019)

Honourable Mentions
Gary Hotham, 23 (Longhouse, 2019)
Mike Montreuil, Long ago in a small logging town: Haibun (catkin, 2018)

The judge's comments

Haiku from the 2013 Haiku Canada Holographic Anthology

one blossom closes
another opens
spring morning


cranberry bog
wading through
a million suns

~Ellen Cooper~

on his bedside table
a thin film of dust

~Pat Benedict~

wind on the water
I change the colour of her hair
in my poem

~Nick Avis~

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